Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Don 2 - The Chase Continues/ King is Back

Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naa mumkin hai

My expectations about the movie before I entered the hall were:

A dashing King Khan

Mind blowing chase

Superb dialogues

Nice story

Was it up to the level of my expectations??

The answer is YES.. and how it became YES is..

Movie opened to a dialogue in which DON explains his five years in a minute long dialogue and ends it with an endeavour to new journey..

A group of International gangsters planning to kill DON..

A grand entry of DON, this in all probabilities is the best entry of an actor in recent times..

He surrenders to Junglee Billi and Malik Sahab and mouths some strong dialogues like Aap meri maa ko nahi jaanate..

A prison escape plan with Vardhan, only song of the movie featuring Lara Datta and an explanation of what Don is up to..

Superb execution of story from there onward, A mind blowing chase before Hrithik unveiled as DON..

Hiring a techy n black mailing a top notch executive to get info to rob the currency plates from the DCB!!

Also interesting was how Don uses the guy who had come to kill him and gives his bali to achieve his dreams.. There are many twists and turns I loved thoroughly..

Movie ended with a new beginning!!

For me as a movie fan who had spent Rs 100/- on ticket to watch this stuff is highly satisfied.. Excellent Watch!!

Friday, 17 February 2012

Two aspects of a movie are..

There are two aspects a movie how it is received by 

1. The Public

2. The Critic

* The Public - They are the ultimate deciders of fate of a movie and for whom a movie is made. If a film is well received by public, its a good news for all the people who are involved in making it. 

* The Critic - These are the guys who earn there bread and butter from others' work and have a say about others' work. This category also matters as far as box office collections goes, because they easily guide the weak minds.


Movie - One among the several avenues to get entertained. It is a journey in which the audience connects to a certain thing which makes them Feel! The feeling may be of nature such happy, sad, motivated and/or entertained. A movie will always have a protagonist and antagonist (they may not be present in some cases) to entertain the audience or to convey a message.

For me - Movie is - Happiness, hang out with friends, passion, journey, love, peace and Box office!